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Happy New Year & Oh Baby! Giveaway with Premama Prenatals #Giftcard

A new year, with new goals and new paths to take.  Yes, 2013 will be that year.  Many are looking to start  planning a family, add a new addition, or waiting for a particular day in year 2013 for a special someone to be born.  No matter your status, do it healthy by adding Premama to your pregnancy regimen.  My husband was a stickler for taking prenatal vitamins. I know sometimes it was hard for me to take the nasty tasting prenatal vitamin then you had to take the slimy fish oil pill as well. I did not have morning sickness or anything like that (so blessed) so I did them almost religiously not only because I knew it was right but because I knew that you can stand in the way of your little one bursting into this world as the healthiest little one it can be. So many babies are born having to be on monitors and tubes and staying in the hospital after birth simply because a prenatal vitamin was not taken during pregancy.

I still take prenatal vitamins because I breastfeed and I am so ha…

BabyBound: Hey! A $50 Target Giveaway!

BabyBound: Hey! A $50 Target Giveaway!: I can't tell you how excited I am to host a giveaway that's all my own. Last Friday Phillip and I went to Target and I was BLOWN AWAY by the...