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The No-Shows!- YOU WIN SOME BUT............

Entering giveaways are very exciting of the possibility that you may win and it is even more exciting when you get that winning email, tweet or twitter message, facebook shout or facebook message. I use to think that when you win it is guaranteed but not anymore because of a few no shows of prizes that I have failed to receive. Some bloggers list that they are not responsible for the prize or that the prize will ship directly from the sponsor.

Sometimes I do feel that the blogger only responsibility is to put the sponsor in the spotlight via a blog post or review and whatever happens just happens. It one of those Bernie Mac type of situations- remember in one of his comedy routines he talks about which partner gets an orgasm first. And it seems that bloggers mostly take this outlook  via his words "I GOT MINES"- meaning they have gotten their compensation or products to review so their job is over and most times they may or may not follow- up for you when you speak out and say "Hey, I have not received this prize yet."

Here is a list of bloggers/websites I have not received my prizes from even after taking the time to contact them about not receiving it and even after going to their website and taking the time to give them myself as a statistic to their number of facebook page likes for them and the sponsor (and occasionally other random blogger friend pages), liking their posts on facebook, tweeting their giveaway/contest (my help to draw more random people to their pages/giveaway),  twitter followers, google friend connect follower, google plus follower, pin (aka pinterest) and commenting (sometimes multiple blog posts on their page and other blogger friend pages).

Whew! That is a lot (2 to10 minutes of work) to receive nothing from so beware:

1. Freeman Beauty Kit giveaway

2.   dearfoam slipper ( i wanted these for christmas of 2011 to go to my aunt in the nursing home)

3. Crindlestar giveaway

4. QuickCover by Caber Sure Fit- 1 month and counting as of 5/31

5. 4-Season Shield Giveaway from Protect-A-Bub- 1 month 16 days and as of 5/31

Blogged about them having great products, well that may be so but what happens when you need to contact someone about your product for questions or concerns. Is this how customers service from these sponsors treat the average consumer---IT MAKES YOU THINK DOESN'T IT.


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