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Its all about the

Monopoly money that is....Monopoly Electronic banking win. Hubby saw this and said he would play monopoly anytime with the new version.  And he has with my daughters. I haven't played it yet but I expect too over the holidays! This win was from hightechdad blog. The giveaway was another one sponsored by Hasbro.

Right up my daughter's alley (LOL)

Cereal...from the fruity to the cinnamony sweet taste of them all, she can eat them many times a day and everyday along with oatmeal. This was a very great win (not to mention helping on grocery cost). I hopped over to where a Star Wars cereal giveaway was being hosted.  The back of the boxes have a star Wars panoramic poster showcasing  Darth VadarTM when you put them side by side. Katelyn does like holding the cereal boxes and reading them while she is eating. 

The giveaway was furnished by Blogspark and these are the three cereals that I received along with a $25 dollar walmart gift card. Katelyn actually started on the box of Lucky Charms this morning!

Another great stocking stuffer win.....

for my daughter from! I know katelyn will enjoy it!

Can you say an army wives marathon.......

Yes, during my Christmas vacation this is what I will be watching. So happy I won because I missed most of  the season's episodes. I don't know what was up with this but I am really an army wives fan. I started out into the beginning of army wives. I guess after viewing days and times changes, somewhere along the way I got lost. But now I can play catch up.  I was one of five winners from I was going for the disney on ice tickets but I won the consolation prize. A win win for me!

Love from the oven but oven!

A very nice win! I fell in love with cake pops when my daughter brought one home from a party her class had at school. I thought maybe a professional baker had done them until I googled and found out what cake pops are. I also found some awesome giveaways that I entered also to win them. You can buy them for $5.95 plus shipping but I don't have to. And these are no bake. With some creme cheese, melted chocolate, sprinkles, and your favorite cookies, you are baking (my mistake making but who will know the difference.  I will be trying these and putting out for Santa instead of the original cookie version this year. I won the giveaway from and the link takes you to an great step-by-step tutorial with images (LOL). I know some of us need them. Out of 554 comments, my lucky number #268 was called (not literally) but from

I have enough mascara........

Well I did not think that at the time when I was flipping through a magazine. I received a sample of  Mary Kay Mascara. A lot of giveaways in magazine are done using the tag code reader that you can get from your carrier (mines was already installed on phone) or send a text off and they will send you the download link to your phone.  I have so much mascara from doing product testing with loreal and good housekeeping that this tube will going into a gift basket for some lucky person.

Burn Notice- Spy Package

Yes a burn notice prize pack! I love this show. I watch it a lot. I have to admit I watch it only for the adventure and the blowing up of stuff plus they always concoct a plan that comes out successful in the end. This season, I am a bit missed if it will end in Michael more deep in trouble with both the FEDS and the people who burned him or just with the FEDS. I won the package from which is a television and movie review site. The entry method was commenting on other blog posts of theirs. Anyhow this was the awesome package I won. I love this travel bag. It looks like something Fiona uses to put all of her guns and explosives in. It is very stylish.  A Cocktail Shaker and a Mojitos 101 Book was also included (and yes I will learn how to shake a mojitos probably during New Year's Eve. I also received a Season 4 DVD and  T-Shirt. I don't know the value of the prize pack but I can estimate it at being over $100.00.  I did miss a few episodes so this will definitely …